Shri Satguru Shirdi Sainath


Shri Shirdi Sainath is the perfect incarnation of the Supreme Being or the Absolute Para Brahman, he is also revered as a sampoorna avatar of Lord Dettathreya. Shri Shirdi Sainath is the embodiment of all that is the highest, the holiest and the noblest. When asked about his Parenthood, Sainath said, “ the world is my village, Brahman my father and Maya my mother”. He has very emphatically shown that faith and patience can bring complete peace and happiness to his followers. Performance of one’s own duty and worship of one’s own family deity with pure heart won his appreciation. Though Sainath gave rude shocks to narrow minded orthodoxy, he never encouraged nor approved anybody changing their religion or their traditional way of worship. The Ahimsa aspect of Jainism, the Renunciation aspect of Buddhism, the Dharmic aspect of Lord Rama, the Nishkamakarma aspect of Lord Krishna, the universal love aspect of Lord Jesus, the Universal Brotherhood aspect of Islam- all are found harmoniously blended in Sainath’s way of life. Sainath incessantly emphasized the fundamental oneness of all religions. Sainath say’s “ I am all pervading. Nothing can be concealed from me. The innermost thought of your heart is known to me. I am the Creator, Preserver and the dissolver. All your karmas can be destroyed and all your sins can be wipes out by the mere touch of my hand”. HE entered to Mahasamadhi at noon on 15th October 1918 ( Vijayadasami Day).