His Holy Trinity Lord Dettathreya Prabhu


Lord Dettathreya is the manifestation of God as Guru. Otherwise Guru is the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswar along with the Absolute Parabrahma in one form. The Holy Trinity was born in this form as Lord Dettathreya to Sage Atri and his wife Anasuya. The perfect master or the Satguru on the human plane of existence being the manifestation of Lord Dettathreya is the abode of all the Gods. The whole of manifest creation is his one Foot (pada) and the unmanifest Absolute is the other Foot. Thus the two feet of the Guru have in them all the holy places , rivers and the supreme self. The Avatar of Lord Dettatreya happens in order to lead the individual souls back to realization of the Supreme Self. This is a mission which continues all through time in creation. Lord Dettathreya is the beginning and culmination of the search for the spirit.