The Master Shri Murali Divakaran


Silva Mind Control Method of Jose Silva of Laredo, Texas gave clearer vision of Mind and its marvelous powers and could experience the same with the Supreme Being’s Grace and Blessing.

Six years of full time Faculty in Art of Living of Sri Sri Ravisankar gave enough room to go the depth of Human Psychology and could experience the same andcould be in the realm of Mind(Athmeeyam).

More than twelve years of deep spiritual practices with his Guru Shri Komala Swami in the path of Shri Shri Sainath and His associated Holy Spirits Shri Gajanan Maharaj of Sheagoan 9 Solapur ( District of Maharastra ) , Shri Akkalkot Swami Samatha of Akkalkot ( Solapur Dist of Maharastra ) and Shri Guru Dettathreya Prabhu gave more clearer vision towards the truth and could be with the realm of Self ( Adhyathmikam ) and reached to a position to do something to the betterment of humanity.

Started taking Karama Yoga course ( only for seekers ) from year 2006 onwards by the grace and Blessings of His Master and the Honorable Holy Spirites.

Now his mission is to guide and lead the humanity towards the GOD and make the seekers to have more clearer vision of what reality is.

Strongly believes in “ONE MAN ONE GOD” and “UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD”.